“Milk was a bad choice”

Especially when it comes to one of the most widely used milk alternatives; Almond Milk.

It is creamy, vegetarian, lactose and cholesterol free while being a nice wee dose of good fats. Unfortunately almond milk is one of the most unsustainable milk alternatives out there because we love the stuff so much and it’s actually thing to be wasting all the time, energy and resources on. Actual almonds have more nutrient benefits than the milk nut Almond milk still kicks all of the other plant based milks asses. It’s sales now total two thirds of the market for milk alternatives. Dairy holds ninety percent of the ‘milk market’, but there’s still hope as the consumption of cow’s milk is slooooowly going down. Don’t get me started with the Industrial scale Dairy business.

The production of almond milk is also very resource intensive. It takes 4.2 Litres of water to grown one, single almond.  Around 80% of the world’s almonds go towards making what is essentially almond water – so it doesn’t really make sense as a nutritional or sustainable approach to milk alternatives.

If you are looking for a milk alternative that’s tasty and is loaded with guilt-free nutrients then maybe stick to Coconut or to cut down your eco-footprint even more, give making your own nut or grain milk!


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